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Meeting of the Regulatory Board

On May 12th and May 13th, 2014, the Dispute Resolution Committee (CRD), under the chairmanship of Mr. Roger Rigobert ANDELY and the members present, having heard the different parties, brought actions before this body.

The Dispute Resolution Committee was assisted by nineteen (19) Economic operators accusing fifteen (15) project owners for services provided and received but not paid. For two days, twenty cases were examined.

More than ten representatives of project owners have been heard before the CRD. At the end of the hearings: a case had not been processed, however; an agreement was reached between the different parties, seven ( 07) hearings were held, and will be transcribed in an official written record and will give rise to different viewpoints; six cases were deferred due to the absence of one of the two parties.

Arnault Ngatse ANGA


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