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Public procurement: a directory to contact businesses

The Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (ARMP) now has a suitable tool for anyone who would seek the services of any company for any need.

The Director General of the ARMP presented on August 28th in Brazzaville, the newborn of its institution, a partnership with the Ministry of Small, Medium Enterprises and Handicraft. Both partners are involved in the establishment of large enterprises, small and medium enterprises, and craft enterprises to facilitate their access to public procurement.

750 companies are listed and identified in this special 79-page newsletter, edited by ARMP. This document relates to all companies participating in public procurement. We read on the front page, special bulletin a list of large companies; small and medium enterprises; very small enterprises and craft enterprises.

This directory is developed pursuant to Article 2 of Decree No. 2009-157 of May 20th, 2009, establishing the responsibilities, organization and functioning of the ARMP. This decree was passed to enable a thoughtful and organized labor, in order to contribute to information, training of all stakeholders of public procurement and development of the professional setting.

The different companies in the document have been identified and classified according to following types: name, year of creation, full address, specialty, category and telephone. It also includes work done following training workshops, assets of companies, organized across the country. This ranking is developed by business groups: works, supplies, current services and intellectual services. All businesses are listed by localities with Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire featuring on the first ranks.

Thus, project owner; and government organizations now have an indispensable tool. For the former, the directory will enable them to carry out all forms of public purchases authorized by the procurement code. And for the latter, they will have access to local services. "The ARMP thus comes through this special bulletin to establish a link between government and economic actors in order to facilitate access to local services and contribute to the de facto promotion of private sector that meets the challenges of economic development in our country, "said David Martin Obami.

The special edition of this bulletin also addresses two major concerns: to promote the domestic private sector and promote the creation of wealth, where jobs are seen as a factor of social stability.

This bulletin is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft and ARMP. Both partners are committed to the formation of large, small, medium, very small and craft in order to facilitate their access to public procurement. However, it is for potential candidates of public procurement to register their companies with the advertising media department. Furthermore, it is recommended that they develop the reflex to initiate spontaneous applications in order not to remain dependent on bids.

The directory will be updated in a time interval that will be defined.

"This work will continue (...) when the echo will expand, many will come to our doors. We need to do outreach to make it widely available, "declared David Martin Obami.

Arnault Ngatse ANGA


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