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Training on identification needs

ARMP organized from November 17th to December 05th, 2014, an informative and training workshop at the premises of the members of CGMP, DEP and managers departmental appropriations under the theme: preparation and public planning procurement.

This training workshop aims to strengthen the competence of the Member of CGMP, the DEP services and credit managers in the preparation and procurement planning to ensure the completion, on time of procurement procedures, execution and settlement of each market project of the 2015 budget.

The Training Workshop is to enable participants to:

  • Characterize the environment in which procurements are managed;
  • Master the requirements of the determination process by the functional analysis method;
  • To structure a functional specification by integrating functions analysis;
  • To master the procurement planning process;
  • Develop procurement plans and general reviews of subsequent tender.

The aspect related to quantification, the choice of technical specifications and financial market assessment of project costs are the two themes that will be the main objectives of this training and will allow participants to address the issue on determination requirements in public procurement.

There will be the following sub-themes:

  • The general environment of public procurement:
    • Texts, principles and practices governing public procurement;
    • Public procurement concepts and public service delegation;
    • The procurement methods;
    • Procurement thresholds, control and delegation of public services;
    • Equity Conditions the candidates for public contracts;
    • Penalties for violations of the regulations.
  • The functional environment
    • The bodies involved in the management of public procurement under the regulations;
    • The other technical bodies.
  • Identifying needs in public procurement
  • Requirements definition
  • The development of functional specifications

At the end of this module, participants will be able to determine, for each service that the project owners are planning to commission: the acquisition mode, the type of contract to be, whether or not to resort to allotment, the conditions for achieving .......

Based on this information, they will also be able to develop a functional specification, a sine qua non for the preparation of bidding documents consistent with the nature and market specifications relating thereto.

Arnault Ngatse ANGA


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